Legal Notice

Note: this an authomatically translated page from Spanish version Please refer to the Spanish version in case of missunderstanding.

This is the Legal Notice for the websites (hereinafter “our websites”):


We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We are concerned about security and the protection of your privacy in the processing of your data. However, we do not collect or process your personal data on our websites. On the other hand, we record the navigation data (TCP / IP address from which you navigate, browser used), although it is totally anonymous.

Our websites do not sell tickets for events directly, but instead direct navigation to the most reputable ticketing portals without transferring any information from our visitors. From this moment, our visitors are out of the scope of influence of our websites so they will govern the privacy policies of the destination websites.



Our websites do not collect personal data of our visitors.

However, we try to collect information on the use by our visitors to our webs since browsing will allow you to obtain information about your IP address, the type of browser, access time and the addresses of the websites from which you have visited. made the access, as well as the navigation data.

Collecting this information allows us to adapt the content, offer and navigation of each visitor to improve our services and their experience on our websites, identify possible fraudulent uses, as well as make statistics on the use and effectiveness of our websites.

In order to browse our websites it is not necessary for our visitors to reveal their personal data. However, in our blogs, to receive notifications about updates, it will be necessary to pick up an email address.

We have adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to maintain the required level of security, according to the nature of the data processed and the circumstances of the treatment, in order to avoid, insofar as possible and always according to the state of the technical, its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

The data provided by our visitors are used for the few purposes listed below:

Provide a personalized service for our visitors, for that they adapt these services to their personal profile, geographical, preferences and tastes.
Provide, manage, manage and improve the services or content offered on our websites, by analyzing the use of the website by our visitors.

Data linked mainly to the IP address from which our visitors access our websites:

Data of use and navigation: with the purpose of performing statistical analysis, to direct the advertising of the website to our visitors according to their profiles and preferences; as well as to know about the use of our pages, control access to third parties and to optimize knowledge about the interests of our visitors.
Our websites offer links to third party services for the sale of tickets. Since the navigation changes to the websites of third parties, the purposes and policies of these govern.